Eating Disorders Nutrition Therapy

“At Therapeutic Nutrition LLC, it is important that clients understand the disease, the body’s reaction to it and how to manage it.”

Knowing the right facts about eating disorders is the first step to recovery. Getting them from the right person is what Therapeutic Nutrition LLC is all about…
  • Experience Counts: Flavia Herzog Liebel, primary dietitian for Therapeutic Nutrition LLC, has

    • More than 16 years of experience in treating male/female clients with eating disorders throughout their lifespan.

      • Four years at the Renfrew Center in the outpatient department

      • Has been in a highly successful private practice since 2008, working primarily with clients suffering from eating disorders

    • Knowledge and training to work with all types of eating disorders (ex. anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, orthorexia and compulsive overeating) in various stages of recovery.

  • What to expect when you/your loved one is on the road towards recovery

    • The first appointment takes about an hour and is a thorough evaluation to help the dietitian to identify a client’s unhealthy behaviors, to assess his/her medical status and to establish short term and long term goals with the client.

    • Follow- up appointments, which typically occur on a weekly basis, focus on stabilizing the weight, minimizing the fear of eating, improving body image & self-esteem and developing healthful, intuitive eating behaviors.

    • A team approach: Your dietitian works closely with the other members of the treatment team typically comprised of a therapist, psychiatrist and medical doctor

    • Therapeutic Nutrition LLC promotes a supportive environment within the family unit and includes family in sessions when appropriate.