Corporate Nutrition

“Building and fostering a wellness culture is an integral part of any company’s success.” 

Therapeutic Nutrition LLC addresses the right lifestyle and behavior changes for all professionals in a variety of industries. Therapeutic Nutrition LLC specializes in customized corporate wellness programs. As a result employees will experience increased energy, better focus, improved mood and less stress thereby increasing a corporation’s success rate.

Corporate Wellness services

  • One-on-one sessions with C-Suite Executives including health risk assessments, medical nutrition therapy and weight management.

  • Monthly or Quarterly Lunch & Learn lectures:

    • Topics* include but are not limited to:

      • General nutrition education

      • Food and stress

      • Eating healthy on the road

      • Snacks to avoid low energy in the afternoon

      • Importance of hydration

  • Create a Wellness-Oriented Work Environment

* Custom presentations are available to address the unique issues of an industry.