Sports Nutrition

“Therapeutic Nutrition LLC not only educates athletes on nutrition requirements for elite level performance but assists in implementing those requirements into their daily routines.”

The right dietary recommendations to maximize performance in a sport are not the same for everyone. Therapeutic Nutrition LLC can provide you with a game plan to take your sport to a new level.

The dietitians at Therapeutic Nutrition LLC have an extensive background working with athletes and teams at all levels (i.e. high school, college and elite) and from various sports from ballet to football. All sports nutrition recommendations are based on the most current research.

Team Services

  • Lectures

  • Topics* include but not limited to:

    • Calorie needs

    • Hydration

    • Macronutrient (carbohydrate, protein and fat) requirements

    • Snacking for energy and endurance

    • Eating on the road

    • Nutrition needs post-season

    • Supplements

  • Team meal suggestions

  • Pre & post workout snack ideas for locker room and away games

Service for Individual Athletes

  • Metabolism testing using BodyGem

  • Dietary analysis

  • Calculation of calorie and macronutrient needs and instructions on meeting these requirements

  • Managing hydration

*Lectures can be customized on a variety of topics to meet teams’ needs.